4 Lessons /$250

Get four 1 on 1 lessons (40 min each session)  You will need your own skates and protective gear for our 1 on 1 lesson. Once a week you meet with your trainer for a 40 min lesson. Our goal by the end of this 4 lesson package is you won’t need 1 on 1 lessons anymore, and you can join one of our rollerskating group classes and be part of the rollerskating community! We have roller dance, roller derby, distance Skating, tricks, ramps and skate parks! 

This is a great investment on your health and fitness, rollerskating is a timeless sport, and can be enjoyed into your golden years!

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Single Lessons 20 mins - 50 mins

Single lesson are great for first time skaters, or if you are needed a refresher with any evaluation of what group class you should be in.
20 min sessions / $45
50 min sessions/ $75

  • First Time on Skates
  • Roller Skating Refresher
  • Beginner Class Readiness Evaluation
  • Roller Dance Readiness Evaluation
  • Speed & Shuffle  Readiness Evaluation
  • Roller Derby Readiness Evaluation
  • Outdoor Skating Readiness Evaluation
  • Ramps & skate park Readiness Evaluation
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