Roller Derby

Recreational Roller Derby For Women, Men, and Girls!We have 5 different levels to insure any one that can stand on 2 legs can transform into a roller derby athlete and life long skater!Classes are held at 4 different locations Monday - Pearland
Tuesday  - Texas City
Tuesday - BaytownContact us for info on tryouts, practice commitments and game schedule!

Learn To Skate Level - 0
Level 0 is our Beginner Learn To Skate Class. In this class you will master skills such as; forward skating, backwards skating, backwards transitions, forward transitions, stops, and falls.

Roller Derby - Level 1- footwork
Roller Derby Level 1 is our Speed & Agility Class in this class you will master the speed and foot work skills such as; shuffling, grapevines, quick stops, quick start, lateral movements, jumps, spins, and speed skating.

Roller Derby - Level 2 - Power Jams
In Roller Derby Level 2 you will start light contact drills, skating with others, skating in packs, intro to blocking, intro to scrimmage drills, power jams, teamwork and you will skate home power jam games (no travel)

Roller Derby - Level 3 - Full Contact
Offense, defense, communication, forcing penalties, skating clean, full out scrimmages, full contact - Home Games (no travel)

Roller Derby - Level 4 - Seasonal Travel Team
Four months out of the year, skaters commit to a rigorous practice schedule of five days a week, indoor, outdoor practices, and commit to 3 away games. Tryouts are held as needed.

Level 0 - Learn To SkateLevel 1 - Speed & AgilityLevel 2 - Roller Derby 1 on 1 Skating Lesson