Help People Fall in Love with Fitness through Roller Skating at Roller Pump Fitness!

Seize the Opportunity to Fulfill Your Dream of Becoming a Roller Skating Instructor and Launch Your Own Roller Skating Side Hustle.

Roller Pump is thrilled to announce the Roller Pump Instructor Training Program, designed for skilled skaters who are committed to delivering an exceptional learning experience to our members.

Discover all you need to know about instructor training with a company that stands for positivity, passion, expertise, and growth.


Transform Your Passion for Roller Skating into a Rewarding Coaching Career with Roller Pump

Since 2006, we've been turning beginners who could barely stand on skates into lifelong enthusiasts. Now, we're expanding our coaching system to inspire a new generation of roller skating coaches across the globe.

Our Mission:

  • Ensure every roller rink boasts a qualified skating coach.
  • Foster thriving roller sports programs.
  • Create rewarding side hustles for passionate skaters.

The Demand:

  • There's a significant need for skilled coaches who can transform novices afraid of falling into confident, lifelong skaters, while keeping advanced skaters engaged and challenged.

Our Training System:

  • Beginner Program:
    The cornerstone of building a successful skating club.
  • A high-energy, beginner-friendly system designed to convert anyone on two legs into a devoted skater.

Teacher Training Structure:

  • Start in our beginner class coaching system for three months.
  • Cost: $150/a month of  in-person training and online support.
  • Train under a Master Roller Pump Trainer in real classes with real beginners.
  • Overcome common challenges and develop your unique coaching style.
  • Fun and engaging training approach for skaters.


  • Attend in-person training on Monday nights, 7 pm - 9 pm.
  • Participate in self-guided online studies, including our online training classes.


  • After completing the 3-month training and passing the final evaluation, you'll become a Certified Roller Pump Roller Skating Coach!

Next Steps:

  • Lead your own class with support from a master trainer & club manager for the first month.
  • Post-first month, gain the autonomy to run your class independently.
  • Opportunity to embark on the journey to becoming a Roller Pump Franchisee.

Roller Pump Roller Skating Coach Certifications

What Is the Earning Potential Once I'm Certified?

At Roller Pump, we offer four levels of earning potential, allowing you to advance from conducting classes as a talented instructor to owning and operating your own Roller Pump location, where you can foster a thriving roller sports community. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Level 1: Certified Roller Pump Coach
    Earn between $10 to $20 per class.
  2. Level 2: Certified Roller Pump Master Trainers
    Earn between $20 to $30 per class.
  3. Level 3: Roller Pump Club Managers & Administrators
    Receive a fixed rate of $400 per month, plus bonuses for membership retention.
  4. Level 4: Roller Pump Franchise Owner
    Own your Roller Pump Location and build your community!

Each level offers a unique opportunity to grow within the Roller Pump family and increase your earning potential based on your ambitions and dedication to the world of roller skating.

Level 1 Certified Roller Pump Coach $10 - $20 a class

Level 2 Certified Roller Pump Master Trainers  $20-$30 a class

Level 3 Roller Pump Club Managers & Admins make $400 a month plus membership retention bonuses.

Level 4 Roller Pump Franchisee! Own your own Roller Pump Location! Gross $1500 - $7000/Month

Benefits of Being a Certified Roller Pump Trainer

Becoming a Certified Roller Pump Trainer equips you with the expertise to conduct pre-designed classes and workouts for up to 40 participants per session. This opportunity enhances your confidence, leadership abilities, time management skills, and motivation techniques in a group environment. As a Roller Pump Coach, you will excel in teaching deliberate practice and improving fitness, endurance, strength, and power. The innovative training strategies you learn will not only optimize client experiences but also contribute to increasing the number of lifelong skaters.

Additional Training Advantages You Will Acquire:

  • Leadership and Motivation: You will learn to effectively lead and motivate participants through structured workouts.

  • Goal Setting and Achievement: You will support members in setting and reaching their fitness goals.

  • Skill Demonstration and Feedback: Mastering the ability to demonstrate drills and movements, monitor form, and offer constructive corrections is key.

  • Scientific Understanding: You will be able to explain the scientific principles that underlie our workouts, enhancing the overall experience.

  • Safety Assurance: Ensuring participant safety will be a fundamental responsibility.

  • Community Growth: Your efforts will contribute to building Roller Pump attendance and retaining current members.

Requirements for Teacher Training

  • Experience: A minimum of three years of active roller skating experience.

  • Skill Assessment: Successful completion of the Roller Pump Skills Assessment at level 3/pink level.

  • Endurance: Capability to wear skates for prolonged durations.

  • Knowledge Base: Intermediate understanding of physiology, exercise techniques, and body mechanics is essential.

    Interpersonal Skills: Must possess a positive attitude, motivational skills, and effective communication abilities.

  • Versatility: Should have the desire and ability to train individuals at all fitness levels.

This comprehensive training program is designed to not only advance your skills as a trainer but also to empower participants to achieve their fitness goals, ensuring a thriving and passionate Roller Pump community.

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