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Help People Fall in Love With Fitness Via Roller Skating at Roller Pump Fitness!

Here’s your chance to manifest your dream of becoming a roller skating coach!

Roller Pump is excited to offer the Roller Pump Teacher Training Program for qualified skaters who can deliver a fantastic learning experience to our members.

Here’s what you need to know about teacher training with a company that exudes positivity, passion, expertise, and growth.



Teacher Training

We have been training skaters that can barely stand up on skates into powerful life long skaters since 2006 and we are ready to multiply our coaching system so the world can have more roller skating coaches.

Our mission is to make sure every roller rink has a skating coach and a thriving roller sports program and create a side hustle for skaters!

There is a huge need for skating coaches with the right training system to convert the scared-of-falling-skater in to a strong life long skaters and to keep the advanced skaters feeling challenged.

Our system starts with our beginner program. The beginner program is the most important part of building a skating club. Having a great high vibe beginner training system is key to converting basically anyone that can stand on 2 legs in to life long skaters.

You will start off in our beginner class coaching system for 3 months. You will be learning under a Master Roller Pump Trainer in real beginner classes with real beginners so you can experience all the typical hang ups skaters have. You will be developing your own style of training and learning to make it fun for your skaters.

You will be responsible for showing up to in person training and you will  have 1 hour of self guided online studies a month.

Once you’re through our 3 month teacher training you will have a final evaluation and upon completing you will become a Certified Roller Pump Roller Skating Coach!

Once you are a Certified Roller Pump Coach you will be running your own class, with a master trainer & club manager by your side for the first month, once you’ve made it through your first month leading your class, you will be able to run your own class and start the journey to becoming a Roller Pump Franchisee (if your heart desires)

Roller Pump Roller Skating Coach Certifications

What Is the Earning Potential Once I'm Certified?

We have 4 levels of earning potential. You can go as far as you want with Roller Pump from just showing up like a rock star to train your class to owning your own Roller Pump Location and building your own roller sports community!

Level 2 Certified Roller Pump Master Trainers  $20-$30 a class
Level 3 Roller Pump Club Managers & Admins make $400 a month plus membership retention bonuses.
Level 4 Roller Pump Franchisee! Own your own Roller Pump Location!

Level 1 Certified Roller Pump Coach $10 - $20 a class

Level 2 Certified Roller Pump Master Trainers  $20-$30 a class

Level 3 Roller Pump Club Managers & Admins make $400 a month plus membership retention bonuses.

Level 4 Roller Pump Franchisee! Own your own Roller Pump Location! Gross $1500 - $7000/Month

Other benefits that come with being a Certified Roller Pump Trainer

Is free membership to Roller Pump!

The Roller Pump Teacher Training will teach your how to deliver pre-designed classes & workouts for up to 40 members per session. You will gain confidence in and develop your own ability to lead others, manage time, and motivate multiple clients in a group setting.  Roller Pump Coaches become masters of  teaching deliberate practice, fitness, endurance, strength, and power. The training tricks you learn will optimize the clients experience and result in more life long skaters on the planet!

Other cool training super powers you will master:

  • Ability to lead and motivate members through pre-defined workouts.
  • Ability to help members set and achieve goals.
  • Ability to demonstrate all drills & movements, to monitor the form of our members and the ability to correct others in a constructive way.
  • Understand communicate the science behind our workouts.
  • Ensure the safety of participants
  • Build Roller Pump attendance and retaining current members.                                                                                                                   

Requirements for Teacher Training

  • Three years minimum experience as an active roller skater. 
  • Ability to wear skates for extended periods of time.
  • Intermediate knowledge of physiology, exercise technique, and body mechanics.
  • Positive, motivational and effective interpersonal communication skills
  • Desire and capacity to train all fitness levels

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