Girls Learn To Skate $95/Month

Junior Beginner Class - is your 1st step to laying the foundation of your skater life. This class will give you the basic footwork and balancing skills to start learning other forms of roller skating including outdoor skating, dance skating, speed skating, and our favorite, ROLLER DERBY! But 1st the basics of roller skating must be mastered before venturing into any other roller sports discipline. And we are going to make mastery of the basic tons of fun with  other awesome skater girls.

Class Time Monday 6-7pm (This class is a 4 week class.)

Requirement for beginner class

  • Beginner level skaters must have all protective gear
    Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, Wrist Guards and a Helmet
    When you test out of beginner class to to one of our roller sports programs you can remove your protective gear.
  • Be able to commit to showing up to all 4 weeks.
    (If you miss a week you will be lost when you return, each class builds on the other class.)
  • Skaters need to be able to stand up on skates
  • be able to roll
  • be able to get up from falls

*If you have never skating in your life an need 1 on 1 training we suggest start with a 1 on 1 lessons to get your ready for group training.

In our beginner class we will unlock

  • Speed control skills such as all the different way to stop and slow down
  • Turns/Transitions
  • Backwards Skating
  • Crossovers
  • Speed Skating
  • Beginner Dance Skating Footwork
  • Beginner Distance Skating Footwork
  • Beginner Roller Derby Footwork
  • Beginner Ramps & Skate Park Footwork
  • These are all the basic skills your are expected on have mastered before signing up for an of our roller sports. Dance, Speed, Derby, Distance,Ramps & Skate Parks


  • be a Females 7--17yrs old (for coed classes click here)
  • a great attitude
  • wear work out clothes
  • bring water, hydrate!
  • eat some thing! Fuel up before class you will need energy
  • bring water water water!
  • Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, Mouth Guard, Wrist Guards and a Helmet
    If you do not have Quad Skates we will have loaner skates for you.

We are located at
Pearwood Skate Center
1230 Broadway
Pearland Tx 77581

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