Sara CERTIFIED RP Roller Skating Coach

Training Specialties

  • Beginner Learn To Skate Skills
  • Recreational Roller Skating
  • Outdoor Distance Skating
  • Off Skate Training & Nutrition
  • Injury Prevention
  • Goal Setting
  • Mind Set Coaching
  • Heath & Wellness Coaching
  • Accountability Coaching

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About Sara

When did you start skating?

1992 - When I was five I got a pair of Fisher Price clip- on skates and a pogo stick. And yes, I tried to use them simultaneously

Why did you start skating?
Because I was five and it was fun!

Has your why changed?
Yes as an adult I never quit LOVING to skate - But then I found out that DERBY was a REAL THING and GROWN-UPS SKATE, TOO! I joined Derby, but found it to be "Too Intense" (Girls just wanna have fun, amrite?!) Roller Pump was born - and I was in! Skate for free, teach others the joy of 8 wheels AND make money? YES PLEASE! 🙂

Why do you train?
My favorite and best feeling is watching someone light up when they recognize their own potential! My passion is to foster confidence in others, whether in business (shameless plug - I'm a Business Consultant) or in life - and Training with Roller Pump makes that a reality every single day. #BLESSED

What are you doing when you are not training skaters?
I'm creating systems, automating processes, building infrastructure, chasing kids and flirting with a guy I married... I also shoot guns, collect crystals, read tarot, study astrology, and am on a lifelong journey to expand my horizons. 

What are your training strengths?
I'm *just* the right amount of mean - I know when to push my students, and when to coddle them. Train with me and you WILL learn, but you'll also have fun. I'm also really good at being silly enough to make you forget your legs are on fire:)