Free Roller Skating Classes

League City Free Skate Park & Ramps Lessons

Ramps & Park Roller Skating Class - is your 1st step to laying the foundation of you enjoying the skate park safely.

Class Time Sat 9am-10am  

Required Skills:

  • you will need all your own gear, skates and protective gear, helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, kneepads.
  • this is not a beginner class, you must be in advance skater before trying this, we require each skater to test out of our indoor beginner program before we can work with you at the skate park.
  • able to skate at a steady speed 
  • able to quick stops at full speed 
  • able to skate around moving and stationary objects at full speed. 
    If you need help making the basic requirements select "Sign Up For our indoor beginner class 

What You Will Learn

🐿 Ascending and Descending
🐿 Pumping
🐿 Touching the coping
🐿 1 foot Stalls
🐿 Toe stop stalls
🐿 2 foot stalls

🐿 Carving, airing out, handstand and all the things!! 

What You Will need

  • a great attitude
  • wear work out clothes
  • bring water, hydrate!
  • eat some thing! Fuel up before class you will need energy
  • bring water water water!
  • Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, Mouth Guard, Wrist Guards and a Helmet.
  • Quad Roller Skates

Our ramp classes are location League City! 
once you are sign up you will get a text from your trainer with the location to the park! 

No spam just important info to keep you informed.